About us

Company «MASTER» is one of the biggest dry mortars manufacturers in Ukraine. Over 15 years we offer our customers high-tech products which help to achieve the best results in the construction, repair and decoration works of both industrial and residential real estate.


Our company has 100% Ukrainian assets. According to our production output we are the second biggest dry mortars manufacturer in Ukraine. In our own production facilities in Odessa we produce wide range of products


Cement based dry mortars (since 1997)


  • Tile fixing mortars for every situation;
  • adhesive and protective mortars for insulation systems;
  • self-levelling floor screeds;
  • masonry mortars;
  • waterproofing mortars;
  • professional plasters including finishing and decorative;


Gypsum based dry mortars (since 2011):


  • gypsum based plasters (start and finish); for manual and machine use)
  • adhesives for gypsum boards;


as well as:


  • primers for surface preparation and strengthening;
  • basalt based mineral wool heat- and sound insulation mats (several kinds of different width and densities);


Contact us:


Investment Production Group Master, ltd.
Yevreyskaya 2a
Odessa, Ukraine


Telephone: +380 (482)30-00-88
Fax: +380 (482)30-00-86
E-mail: makarov@master.ua