For over 20 years «MASTER» successfully works in the national market. From a small company newcomer we have become a prominent player in the market dry mixes Ukraine.

On the national market of dry building mixtures TM «MASTER» was the first Ukrainian company investments. We were the first to offer Ukrainian consumers many products completely innovative for the domestic market at the time. We are proud to be a part of changes taking place, and we hope that you too want to join the changes and victories!
Today we look at the market differently, we see that over time have changed customer needs. We try to meet demanding customers who know exactly what they need and understand what they are paying money.

That is why we propose a new "smart" brand "iMASTER".

i (of intellect) + MASTER - is the choice of a rational person thinks about their needs
i (I am) + MASTER - I am a connoisseur of the business that appreciates quality, counting money and achieves desired.

Our produkrs: