• Strong M100 for plastering and screeding
  • For clay, silica and ceramic bricks!
  • For ceramic and concrete blocks
  • Water-resistant and repellent
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Masonry: 5-50 mm layer
  • Screed: 5-100 mm layer
  • Plastering: 5-20 mm layer

Dry building mix  ТМ MASTER  C1.MR2 DSTU B V.2.7-126:2011

Bar-code: 4820086 381215
25 kg +/-1%

Dry modified building mix MASTER-ELEMENT designed for making facades with silicate and ceramic bricks, clay and facing bricks, ceramic and concrete blocks, foam and gas concrete, stone and limestone; for building facade, basement and foundation walls (with a thickness of 5 to 50 mm); for repairing surfaces that have cracks (thickness up to 100 mm); for plastering (with a thickness of 20 mm) outside and inside buildings.


Surface preparation must be done in accordance with the State Building Standard of Ukraine DBN V.2.6-22-2001. The base must be:

- clean (remove dirt, flows, dust, fungal lesions with a power tool or manually, also clean from residual oils and paints);

- strong (not lower than the coating strength);

- to enhance contact with the mix, treat the surface with high absorptive capacity with the primer ТМ MASTER or ТМ іMASTER (4 hours before the start of work);

- bases with fungal lesions must be treated with the antifungal primer ТМ MASTER or ТМ іMASTER.



Perform the work at an air temperature of +50С to +350С. The temperature of the base must be in the same range.

Add pure water to the dry mixture in an amount indicated in specifications, then mix it (use electric drills with screw socket). Leave closed mix for 5 minutes, then stir again. The closed mix is suitable for use within 120 minutes (at recommended atmospheric conditions). At high temperatures, periodically stir the closed mix to avoid reducing its mobility.

Application of the prepared mix MASTER-ELEMENT depending on the type of operations:

- Masonry The mix MASTER-ELEMENT is used as a classic mix for masonry from any blocks and bricks (with a thickness of 5 - 50 mm).

- Plastering. The mix MASTER-ELEMENT is applied by rough casting on the surface and leveling by a screed or a metal float. The applied layer must be evened before the beginning of the mix solidification. Operations must be performed continuously by wet-on-wet method. With a total layer thickness of more than 20 mm, it is necessary to use reinforcing elements.


- The base strength must be not less than the strength of the mix;

- Failure to follow the instructions for use mentioned on the package may adversely affect the aesthetic and performance properties;

- Products are not subject to mandatory certification;

- The mix is safe for human health in the production, transportation, storage, application and during the operation subject to following the requirements of this standard to production safety and health;

- Keep away from children;

- Date of manufacture, shelf life and batch number are mentioned on the package;

- Use only for the intended purpose.

- The manufacturer is not responsible for the use of the material for the purpose and under conditions not covered by this instruction.

- This instruction is a recommendation and does not substitute the professional training of the contractor.        

Dry building mix  ТМ MASTER  C1.MR2 DSTU B V.2.7-126:2011

Ingredients                   Cement mix modified with water-retaining additive
Size of aggregate, maximum 1.2 mm
Time the closed mix is suitable for  120 minutes
Open time  3-5 minutes
Strength of adhesion to base 0.5 MPa
Max compressive strength                                        10 MPa
Recommended amount of water for preparing the mix                                    0.12 - 0.13 L / 1 kg of mix
Application temperature                                   +5 ºС to +30 ºС
Operation temperature -30 ºС to +80 ºС
Frost resistance  25 cycles
Consumption 2 kg / m2 / 1 mm

All of these recommendations are efficient at +20С and relative humidity of 60%.


Dry building mixture contains cement, which causes alkaline reaction in hydration. When using the mix, use the personal protective equipment (respirator and rubber gloves). When working, protect the skin and eyes. In case of a mixture contact with eyes, rinse them immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

Expiration date: 12 months from the date of manufacture mentioned on the package.

Must be disposed of in accordance the State Standard of Ukraine DSanPiN

Storage conditions: Store in the original intact packaging, on pallets, in dry premises at temperatures below +40С and humidity of 75%.

Warranty period: The manufacturer guarantees compliance of the quality with the requirements of this standard for the period specified on the package, provided the requirements of transport and storage are followed.