Water-repellent primer "AEROSAFE", which is designed specifically for sylnovbyrayuchyh porous bases (foam and aerated concrete, limestone)

AeroSafe - a primer, ready for use, helping to reduce water absorption sylnovbyrayuchyh porous bases. For example, water aerated (20%) reduced to 0.2% ... 5% (depending on the number of layers of soil deposited).

Unlike most grounding syllables that form a protective film on the surface of the base, AeroSafe repellent primer penetrates aerated concrete (pino- and aerated concrete, limestone) and enveloping a pore material, thus "working" inside;
- Ensure alignment of all water absorption materials and building blocks that make up the frame structures;
- Provides increased vapor ratio above structures (surface "breathing");
Due AeroSafe: use mixtures nizkovpityvaemyh basis can increase the time adjustment plaster, masonry materials and colors and decors on various grounds (silicone, silicate, acrylic, mineral, plastics, etc.).
Save vapor bearing structures can increase the life of the surface at times, by minimizing the damaging effects of moisture (in the case of accumulation within the design).

Properties AeroSafe:
• reduces water absorption (not exceeding 5%)
• creating a substrate for applying materials
• has antifungal action
• deeply penetrates and strengthens the foundation
• increases adhesion (adhesion) to the base material
• allows the treated surface to "breathe"
• for internal and external works
• clean and safe
10 л (14 кг)